Poignant prose from a drunk thinker

12 May

ID Archives

If you scroll down to the footer of this site, you will see that there is a small year and month based archive list of all the posts in this blog. Well, I’ve gone ahead and released the plugin that helps me achieve that. You can find it in the official WordPress plugin repository, and […]

01 Jul


Recently, while working on a site for a client, I came across a functionality that’d require a simple pagination of posts. However, the default pagination that came with the system wasn’t flexible enough to my liking, and so I thought, what better opportunity to build a simple pagination system for my own use? Thus came […]

22 Mar

On urlo

I’ve had a text file sitting on my Documents folder for the better part of a year now, outlining a very simple app that I thought would be nice to build & use. Named urlo, the vision was to create an app that would take the clutter of countless documents & back and forth emails […]

06 Feb

New Design

It took about a day, but here’s the new design. This domain, paperbo.at, was originally bought as the website for my new small design company, which we had thought of naming “Paperboat Concepts”. Cute name, we thought. Unfortunately, before registering the name, we found out that there was already a company named “Paperboat”, and we […]

04 Feb

Another new blog

Another year, yet another new blog. I have lost count of the number of blogs I’ve started, only to have it lay un-updated for months, before I decide to scrap the site. Every time, though, I start with renewed optimism. This time, I say, I’ll have a steady stream of content, write big, meaningful posts, […]